Wool Blanket Care

Recommended Care Instructions

Proper care will result in many years of use from your blanket. The elasticity of wool fiber makes it naturally wrinkle-resistant and prone to holding its shape. There is no need for frequent cleanings. Wool’s resilience, low static, and hairy surface help it repel dirt and other elements. 

For a quick refresh, you can sprinkle the blanket with a light dusting of baking soda and then shake it out. Gently spot-clean as needed and hang dry.

Dry cleaning is the best way to maintain the size, structure, and appearance of your wool blanket. Machine washing can result in noticeable shrinkage, loss of fibers, and loss of fabric smoothness.

Removing Pills

Pilling is a natural occurrence often caused by abrasion. Pilling can be removed by using a razor blade or an electric fabric shaver.

Removing Odors

Wool fiber has a distinct scent, due in part to natural wax and oils. Lanolin oil is found naturally in sheep wool and may be noticeable by those with an acute sense of smell.  Although rare to pick up on, this scent is a testament to the wool’s purity and quality. We recommend removing your blanket from the plastic bag, allowing it to breathe. Periodically, a trick we use is to sprinkle the blanket with a light dusting of baking soda and then shake it out.

Please Note

This wool blanket is not fire retardant, nor fireproof. Like any other natural fiber, it will burn and produce a flame. Please use caution and avoid open flames. Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company blankets are not treated with a chemical flame retardant.