You Found the Perfect Campsite...Now What?


There is a ritualistic feeling that happens when you set up a campfire and settle into a night of stargazing. Make sure you bring the essentials and always use precaution around flames. Don't forget your waterproof matches, fire starter brick, newspaper, wood, and twigs/leaves for kindling. You can usually pick up chopped lumber at a local gas station, or collect your own in the woods. Our favorite bonfire activities include playing the guitar, stargazing, playing card games, and storytelling. Cozy up under the stars with our gray and yellow wool blanket or camping wool blanket and dream the night away.

Full moon fire ceremonies are also a beautiful way to clear energy and create meaningful intentions.


Are you camping with kids? S'mores are a must. Send the kids off to collect branches or bring your mallow sticks. Graham cracker, chocolate bar, marshmallows...heaven. Kick up a notch by adding peanut butter, coconut shavings, or banana slices. 


A fun activity and easy to pack. Especially great for car camping.


Who doesn't love an afternoon nap in a hammock? Lounging, reading, daydreaming, snoozing, snuggling, sipping on a cold one...Cozy up with a good book and our red, white, and blue wool blanket (fondly known as "The Freedom Wool Blanket") and experience the ultimate form of relaxation in the forest. 


It's always a bonus when you score a campsite near freshwater. Pack the rods and spend the afternoon fishing. Who knows, maybe you'll even bring home dinner.


Campsite cooking is always a fun and creative adventure to look forward to after a day on the trails. Get some cooking inspiration by checking out some of our favorite campsite meals.