Woolly Wanderings: Wyoming

Wyoming is one of the most magical places to witness mother nature at her finest. The beauty of Wyoming is unlike any other state. Wide open lands and an abundance of nature and wildlife puts into perspective our place in the world and the importance of land preservation.  We recently took a trip to Wyoming and quickly fell in love with the landscape, the people, the food, and most of all, the fresh air and freedom that we experienced. 

We decided to camp near the Grand Tetons. It was a little chilly with snow on the ground, but my trusty navy wool blanket and yellow wool blanket proved to be a perfect companion for the night and served as an additional heavy layer outside of my sleeping bag. Deer were abundant and within close range in nearly every direction. We were warned earlier in the day that there had been several grizzly bear sightings earlier in the week, so we were on guard most of the night. Fortunately, we dodged bears that trip.

The next morning, we stopped into the sweet little square of Jackson Hole for coffee and a healthy breakfast. There are great small shops and restaurants for you to fuel up before heading out. We decided to explore Yellowstone during the day where we saw all types of wildlife including elk, bison, deer, turkeys, moose, and bighorn sheep. We caught a sighting of Old Faithful geyser erupting, which was incredible to see for the first time.

The next day, we set our sights on the Pryor Mountain Range, which is a refuge for free-roaming mustangs. It’s located on the border of southern Montana and Wyoming. We did some off-roading and took in the sights before setting up for another chilly night of camping. Feeling a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to explore such beautiful lands while laying out under the stars was the perfect way to conclude the trip.