Wool Blanket Spotlight – Rugged Tan Wool Blanket

It’s that time of the year again when the green grass begins to grow, warm weather is pushing through, and there is a buzz in the air.  Camping season is just around the corner.  Are you prepared with your warm weather camping essentials?  Aside from the basics such as sleeping bags, sleeping pad, tents, and of course the makings for s’mores! … another versatile must-have product is a wool camping blanket.  Our top selling wool blanket, the Rugged Tan Wool Blanket, from our Explorer Collection is a perfect size and weight for any outdoor excursion.  This high-quality wool camp blanket will provide you with an extremely warm and dry insulating layer when the sun goes down and the cold weather blows through overnight.  Due to the amazing natural characteristics of Merino wool, our blankets will help keep you cool in the warm weather as well. These blankets are excellent as a sole layer of insulation or as an additional layer above or below a sleeping bag.    

Our tan wool blankets are made of premium virgin Merino wool, which is pure new wool and never recycled wool.  Recycled wool fibers lose many of their natural characteristics as the fibers become repurposed.  The tan wool blanket has a milled finish which creates inter-fiber felting.  This provides the wool blanket with a thicker, denser feel.  The tan wool blanket, just like all Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company wool blankets, is finished with extremely durable stitching and a classic yarn whipstitch providing a classic look.  These woolen blankets were designed by outdoorsman and outdoorswomen and were intentionally made to provide versatility for the outdoors person.  Customers across the country use our wool camp blankets for inside the tent, as hammock camping blankets, picnic blankets, or as bushcraft bedrolls.  

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