What’s in my Backpack? India Edition

Backpacking around the world is an exhilarating and humbling experience. To witness other cultures and the beautiful nature that surrounds them often leaves us filled with gratitude for just how magnificent planet earth is. I unpacked my bag during a recent trip to India. And although my other pack had the basic clothes and toiletries essentials, this one was my day-to-day explorer pack. Navigating the busy streets, meditating each morning, sipping on spicy chai and eating roasted corn on the cob…I fell in love with the beauty of India and the spiritual sense all around me. Check out this month’s edition of “What’s in my Backpack.”

Yoga Mat

Not only good for that post-flight stretch, but for rolling out anywhere. I prefer the ultra thing mats for traveling.

The Bhagavad Gita

A must-read for anyone traveling to India

Tan and White Striped Wool Blanket

Great for sleeping, savasana, and meditation. Easy to roll up, too. 


Don’t forget sun protection.

Silk Scarf

These especially come in handy when entering temples. Perfect for around your neck or over your shoulders. Delicate and light.


Invest in a quality camera. Take good care of it and it will last you years to come. Not everything is best captured on a cell phone.

Tibetan Horn

Because where else will you find one of these?

Safe and steady travels. Namaste.