Trekking Adventures


A weekend of trekking at your favorite place in the wilderness requires full preparation and lightweight gear that won’t weigh you down.  Snacks are a must.  Sunscreen is a must.  Be sure to pack a trail map if you are in unfamiliar territory.  Wearing proper clothing that allows your skin to breathe while keeping your body from overheating or becoming too cold.  A solo trekking adventure can help clear your mind, but trekking can also be a fun social activity with friends.  Trekking with friends can help spread out the weight and supplies amongst the group as well. 

Trekking Poles:  Trekking poles are an important piece of equipment especially during long strenuous hikes.  We like trekking poles that have comfortable grips, have adjustable heights, and that is lightweight and durable.  Trekking poles will help you navigate tricky terrain and help take all the pressure off your feet and legs.  They will also help decrease the stress put on your lower back while trekking. 

Backpack:  A properly fitting and comfortable backpack can make or break you while trekking.   An improperly fitting backpack will rub you in all the wrong places, give you back and shoulder pain, and cause unnecessary fatigue on the trails.  Be sure to test out your backpack on shorter walks or hikes prior to taking it on longer treks.  Your backpack should be large enough to pack the essentials like water, food, rain gear and a first-aid kit.  Additional pockets and straps on the outside of the backpack can provide you with extra storage. 

Wool Blanket:  Extra storage space and straps on the backpack can provide you will enough room to roll up a camping wool blanket, like our gray, green, navy, or tan Explorer Collection wool blankets.  Having a nice, big wool blanket with you on your adventure can give you a cozy place to sit or layout while having an afternoon snack or cozy up with these large blankets while drifting to sleep in a hammock or your tent.  These wool blankets will keep you warm and comfortable during any trekking or camping experience. 

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