Top 5 Summer Road Trippin’ Items

1: Bring Your Best Friend/s – Making memories is what a summer road trip is all about.  Take your best friend or friends along with you and see how much fun you can have.  There will be times of sadness and times of glory.  Get lost, take the back roads, and see what kind of experiences the open road provides you with.

2: Wool Blankets – Whether you plan to sleep in your vehicle, pitch a tent at a campground, or shack up in a motel on your road trip, be sure to pack multiple high quality wool blankets for your journey.   Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company wool blankets are some of the best wool blankets you could own.  They provide warmth on the chilly nights yet keep you cool in the heat.  You never know when the car may break down and you have to sleep on the side of the road.  Be prepared to bundle up and stay warm. Choose from a green wool blanket, gray wool blanket, or plaid wool blanket. Your friends will thank you when you pull out a few extra wool blankets from the trunk of your car!

3: Road Maps – Getting lost can sometimes be worth the memories and experiences it can create. However, make sure you can always get back on track by using good old-fashioned roadmaps.  Cell phone GPS is great for the most part, but there will be times when you do not get service and you’ll be happy you had a map at hand.  

4: Reusable Water Bottle – Staying hydrated on the road will help you stay focused while behind the wheel.  You can fill up your reusable water bottle at all your pit stops and limit the amount of waste by not using plastic water bottles. 

5: Open Mind – Keeping an open mind on the road will help have more fun and enjoy the curveballs that a road trip may through you.  Whether it’s a flat tire, picking a hitchhiker, or getting lost on a detour, an open mind and the willingness to not sweat the small stuff will make your road trip and enjoyable one indeed. 

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