Top 5 Items To Keep in Your Camping Tent

We have had the extraordinary opportunity to camp in some of the most beautiful places around the US. You learn a little bit more about yourself and adventure backpacking with each trip that you take. What to pack, what not to pack, and how sometimes you must just go with the flow when it comes to sleeping conditions and weather. Always plan ahead and be sure that you pack the appropriate essentials to keep your adventure safe and comfortable. Below are some of our camping must-haves for a night out in the woods.


I’ve been camping with Birks for years. I prefer the clog version, paired with a warm pair of wool socks. These are great for lounging around the campsite and easy to throw on/off for those midnight bathroom breaks. By slipping them on and off, it prevents dirt being tracked into your tent.


Not only do tents look like a magical little oasis when the lantern is shining bright inside, but these serve as helpful tools when cooking up a campfire meal. Always be sure to check the batteries on your lantern before leaving on your camping trip.

Warm Wool Blanket

Packing a warm merino wool is essential for camping. Wool is temperature-regulating, which means it’s beneficial to use all year round in both warm and cool temperatures. A quality wool blanket will compactly fit on the outside of your backpack. It can serve as a cozy blanket under the stars or as an extra layer over your sleeping bag. A camping wool blanket is a must-have for the outdoors person. We find that a fiber-blended wool blanket (around an 80% merino count/20% nylon polyester blend) is better than a 100% wool blanket. The nylon and polyester add more strength and durability to the weave, something that is important to keep in mind when roughing it in the woods. Wool blanket camping is much like hammock camping…once you try it, your adventures will never be the same!


Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality knife. This is not only for safety purposes but can come in handy when cooking.


You never know when danger may strike. Having a whistle on hand can alert others that you need help.