Tips for Staying Warm

Summer and fall are just around the corner. Which means…so are endless weekend soccer games, sporting events, and music festivals. We’ve put together some tips on keeping warm during those early morning practices or late night music concerts. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the temperatures don’t drop. Staying informed and prepared. Nobody like’s being cold. 

  1. Pack a wool blanket. Our wool blankets make a perfect stadium blanket. Choose from a plaid wool blanket, gray wool blanket, green wool blanket, black and white wool blanket, gray and yellow wool blanket, and red, white, and blue wool blanket. As a wool blanket company, we put so much time and effort into curating a quality wool blanket for your family to treasure for years to come.
  2. Wear layers. It’s easier to take layers off then put them on, especially if you didn’t pack any! There’s nothing worse than being cold. Packing layers that are compact and easy to bring are important for a comfortable evening under the stars or on the sidelines.
  3. Pack wool socks. These make ALL the difference. We love wool (obviously). Not only for our 80% merino wool blankets and our 100% merino wool blankets, but also as socks! Toasty feet make us happy.
  4. Pack a scarf. Lightweight and can fit right in your purse! These make all the difference, especially on airplanes.
  5. Move around. Exercise gets the blood going and warms the body up. Always plan ahead of time when packing your outdoor gear.
  6. Drink warm beverages. Something about drinking warm beverages calms the body and evokes a sense of warmth.