Summertime Outdoor Fun

Summertime is meant to be spent outdoors. Fresh air and nature are so good for the soul. The constant drain of technology we are faced with throughout the week can be downright exhausting. It’s important to put the phone away, log off email, and embrace your surroundings—every day and not just when the weekend calls. Whether you live in the city or in the country, make sure to carve out time and get down with mother nature.

Summer outdoor fun can take many different forms. Our favorite hot summer nights include wrapping up in a warm wool blanket and sipping wine (or whiskey!) while lounging on the porch swing, watching the sunset rays and fireflies sparkle throughout the yard. Keep the phones inside and lose track of time for a while. Sometimes simplicity and nature are just what the mind and body need.

Some other ways to incorporate summertime fun includes…

Setting up a horseshoe game

Draping a sheet from two trees and screening a favorite movie outside on the lawn. Don’t forget some quality wool blankets to lay out!

Playing corn hole

Building a bonfire

Building a tree fort specifically, with the Stargazer gray and yellow wool blanket!

Rounding up some friends and play the guitar on the front porch

Grilling corn, smoking meat, and roasting marshmallows

Going for a sunset horseback ride

And on that many more days until summer is here?