Summer Camping Drinks | The S'more Cocktail

Its summertime and living is easy.  The weeks have come and gone and your annual camping trip to the lake is right around the corner.  Your friends are bringing the typical beer that you have all crushed in years past.  This year, however, it is time to class it up a little bit and introduce some summer camping cocktails to the party!  You can find a ton of great cocktail recipes online, but here is our favorite creative camping cocktail that will surely impress your friends and have them asking for s’more:

The Liquid S’more

Start by pouring 1 tablespoon of chocolate syrup into your shaker.  Pour 1 shot of marshmallow vodka, 1 shot of Irish cream, and 1 shot of half and half into the shaker.  Fill the shaker with ice and shake it hard for a minute or two.  Next, take your martini glass and dip the rim in cream or chocolate syrup and coat the rim with crushed graham crackers.  Pour the contents of your shaker into the martini glass and top with another shot of half and half, and voila, your liquid s’more is ready to drink.  Step it up a notch by roasting a marshmallow over your campfire and placing that on the rim of your glass as well.  Make sure to have plenty of supplies because these will go down quickly. 

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Happy camping and drink responsibly!