Ice Fishing Essentials

Ice fishing dates back hundreds of years and was originally used as a means of survival. Spears were used to stab fish that swam near the holes.  Although the technology and equipme

nt for ice fishing have changed over the years, there is one characteristic that has never changed – the cold! 

Aside from that hot toddy, here are our top 4 items that will keep you warm as you hover over that fishing hole praying for that line to drop. 

Proper Fitting Clothing

Keep those extremities warm with properly fitting boots, gloves, jacket, and hat.  If you do not have an enclosed shelter, you may consider full-on ski-mask and wind-blocking snow pants as well.  Dress in layers and keep your core warm.

Pop Up Tent

On the cold, windy days on the lake be prepared by bringing a one-person popup tent.  This tiny shelter can be a godsend by blocking the blistering wind but also absorbing and retaining heat from the sun. 

Compact Heater

For a cheap price, you can find small and portable propane heater that pump out long-lasting heat while you are fishing. Most heaters will say how much space the heater is designed to fill.  These heaters are a great addition to the popup tent. 

Wool Blankets

Wool is the ultimate fiber to keep you warm all winter long.  Our warm wool blankets have natural moisture and temperature regulating properties to keep you comfortable and dry.  Our navy blue wool blankets and gray wool blankets have been fan favorites for ice fishers.  Our sheep wool blankets are made from virgin merino wool, never recycled wool, so it will keep its amazing natural properties for many years. Our blankets are sixty-six inches by ninety inches . . . plenty of room to bundle up while waiting for that bobber to go down!