Holiday Movie Traditions

The holiday season is in full swing. This calls for snowy mornings, soulful cooking, and cozy nights curled up with a good book and a sheep wool blanket.

Some of our favorite holiday traditions include tree cutting, game nights, Christmas cook-offs, cinnamon rolls Christmas morning, and pulling out our trusty red plaid wool blanket and black and white checkered blanket for a night of binge-watching Christmas movies. We love to add a good bottle of wine and a beautiful charcuterie board while we lounge the night away. No matter how many times we watch the same movies year after year, we can never get enough of the classic lines that we all remember so well.  

Below is our annual Christmas movie line up. 

Home Alone I and II

The Holiday 

The Family Stone 

Love Actually 

Miracle on 34th Street


The Santa Clause

A Christmas Story

Carving out time to relax and enjoy the night should not always just take place during the holidays. In a world where technology is everywhere, it’s nice to take a step back and focus on the classic and timeless ways to bring people together.