Hiking Hacks and Tips for Your Next Adventure

It’s an amazing feeling to wake up early and hit the trails. Starting the day with fresh air and connecting to nature is great for the mind, body, and soul We’re put together our top hiking hacks to make sure your journey through the woods is stress-free and enjoyable.

Line Your Backpack

A simple trash bag will do. This is especially helpful if you’re carrying extra water or items that may leak. If it begins to rain your items will be safeguarded. Plus, it serves as a trash bag if you don’t hit stormy weather. Win-win.

Invest in Good Socks

We prefer using wool socks. Wool is temperature-regulating, so wool socks are ideal for hot or cold temperatures.

Pack Band-Aids

There is nothing worse than developing a pesky blister. It throws the entire hike off. Pack band-aids, even if you don’t think you will need them. You can also use Duct Tape—which can serve multiple purposes.

Protect Your Phone

An easy and cheap way to do this is to simply store your cell phone in a plastic bag. This prevents damage in the event the bag gets wet or if you must trek through the water.

Use A Prescription Bottle

Old plastic prescription serves as a great holder for aspirin, Band-Aids, and antiseptic towels. It also keeps the items dry.

Use Binder Clips

Binder clips are excellent and cheap tools to hang dry items off your backpack (i.e., wet socks, shirts, or bandanas).


Weather can change on an instant. Always be sure that you are packing for worst-case scenarios. There are many camping gear items out there that pack up compactly, including rain jackets and winter puff jackets. Pack a warm merino wool blanket on the outside of your pack. It won’t take up much space and can come in handy if the weather turns cold. I always pack my navy-blue wool blanket, my olive green wool blanket, or my gray wool blanket. The dark color hides dirt, it’s easy to clean and shake out, and the dense weave keeps me warm at the summit.