Hammock Camping with your Woolly

Here are five reasons you should ditch the tent and try out a night suspended in the sky.

1. Nylon Hammocks are Extremely Lightweight and Packable
Unlike tents, hammocks are incredibly lightweight, easy to pack, and don’t take up much more space than a coconut. Disregard the tent poles, stakes, footprint, and mallet; all you need is your hammock, straps, and two trees! For more extended hiking and backpacking trips, the hammock's light weight allows you to pack more of the other essentials like food and water.

2. You Don’t Have to Search For Flat Ground
“Ouch! What’s that…a rock?” No more meandering around in search of that perfectly flat ground. Or even worse, setting up the tent only to find out you now have a few rocks poking into your living quarters. Hammocks keep you elevated and allow you to get closer to the great views.

3. Easier Setup & Takedown 
Hammocks with tree straps are so easy to set up. Just wrap your straps around two trees and clip the carabiners from the hammock into the tree straps. It’s that simple. Worried about bugs? Some hammocks have bug nets built right in. Two minutes later you now have a beautiful, lofted bungalow. Not only do tree straps provide a safer suspension, but they also protect the bark more than a piece of rope.

4. You’ll Sleep Like a Baby
No more tossing and turning…only the sweet sway from a gentle breeze as you snooze suspended above the ground. Sleeping on the ground can be a real pain, especially without the aid of a sleeping mat. The cozy cocoon-like feel of relaxing in a hammock will leave you refreshed, energized, and ready your next adventure. Be sure to insulate your hammock with a Woolly Mammoth Explorer Collection merino wool blanket to block the cold air from disturbing your sleep. We favor the green wool blanket for colder temperatures and the red and white plaid wool blanket when camping in temperatures with high humidity indexes.

5. Hang Out and Relax
The bottom line is, hammocks are a perfect camping addition to your gear whether you decide to spend the night in one or not. There’s nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than coming back from that long hike, kicking your heels up, and swaying in your hammock with a quality wool blanket.