Four Tips to Care for Your Wool Blanket


Now that spring is here, it’s time to tidy up and put away winter clothes and bedding. Investing in a high-quality wool blanket is serious stuff. Even more serious is the level of care that goes into preserving this textile. Wool is a durable textile. As a wool blanket company, we are passionate about providing the best wool blankets. We use virgin merino wool, which means we do not weave any recycled wool into our wool blankets. For added strength, we add a small amount of polyester blend. This is especially helpful for when wool blankets are used outdoors and on camping trips. That’s why we create the best camp blanket on the market!

Do not put in the washing machine or dryer

Wool should not be put in the washing machine-ever. The reason is that washing machines can damage the fiber. Because we weave merino wool blankets, the delicacy of this fiber (known as the micron) remains preserved when it’s not agitated in the washing machine or dryer.  

Use baking soda to help dissipate the smell of lanolin

Lanolin is a natural occurrence in sheep wool. It’s also a testament to the wool’s purity. If you’re not a fan, then try sprinkling some baking soda on the wool blanket. Let it sit for a few minutes and then shake it out.

Shake and hang

We find that often shaking and ventilating a wool blanket is good enough for a nice refresh.

Proper storage

If it’s time to put the wool blankets away for the summer, then be sure to store them properly. This means they should be shaken out and stored in an airtight container. Be sure they are not damp. But why stash them away for the summer? Wool blankets make the best camp blanket, picnic blanket, stadium blanket, and emergency blanket. Such a resilient fiber should be used all year round.