Favorite Ways to Use a Wool Blanket

Not only do wool blankets offer warmth, but they offer a subtle sense of texture to any room. Being such a versatile and special fiber, we have discovered many ways to incorporate wool blankets into various rooms of the home.

Bed Display

A beautiful and well-woven wool blanket adds a classic touch to the end of a bed. It also serves as an easy-to-grab extra layer during the night. We favor bed comforters that are neutral colored so we can add a “pop” of color with the wool. A warm wool blanket adds such a welcoming touch. 

Ladder Display

These are great for the living room or guest bedroom. They serve as a beautiful way to display various wool blankets and adds a sense of texture to a space. Add a variety of designs including plaid wool blankets and striped wool blankets.

Under the Fitted Bedsheet

You read that right. Putting a quality wool blanket under the fitted bedsheet is a great way to add insulation. Perfect for those chilly winter nights in the cabin. Just place the wool blanket in between the mattress pad and the fitted sheet and experience an extra cozy slumber. We use a thick cream colored wool blanket to blend in with our ivory sheets. 

In the Car

Not just for emergency purposes. But great for an impromptu pullover to look at the moon, or using as a stadium blanket for the local football game. We never leave home without our trust gray wool blanket.

On the Front Porch

Porch swings and wool blankets stick together like glue. Our wool blanket company’s Stargazer gray and yellow wool blanket was named for this purpose. Wrap up and sway the night away.

And on that note…time to take a snooze.