Family Camping

Family time is the best time!  Especially when you’re headed to your favorite campground for a nice long weekend.  One key item to a successful, fun, camping trip enjoyed by all is planning ahead.  As camping has become more popular over the years, it has become more difficult to roll on into a campground and have your pick of the litter for top campsites.  You must plan ahead and reserve the right site.  You should always plan your meals and snacks for the trip as well as have ideas for activities that will keep you and kids busy and stimulated.  Here are a few ideas to help you and family get in touch with nature this year.     


Hiking is a great source of exercise but is also a social activity.  Use this time to connect with nature and have meaningful conversations with your family.  A challenging hike with amazing viewpoints can make lasting memories. 


Building a campfire can be a great experience.  It’s a great time to teach the kids how to build a fire as well as learn about fire safety.  Funny stories and ghost stories will make for a night to remember. Don’t forget the s’mores!

Board games

Bring your competitive spirit and show your family who is the king or queen of board games.  Fun family games like Pictionary will bring a lot of laughs.


Put the campfire out and turn off all the lights. Lay down a few Stargazer wool blankets, our warm and comfortable gray and yellow wool blanket,  tilt your heads to the sky and get lost in the stars. 

There are many other activities to try like orienteering, water activities like boating, canoeing, or kayaking.  The most important takeaway is to create those family memories that will last a lifetime.  Shop our wool blankets today and be sure to stay warm and cozy during your family camping trips.