Building A Square Foot Garden Bed

Early spring is the perfect time to start thinking about your garden… what flowers, fruits, or vegetables you intend on growing during the year.  One of the easiest ways to create a beautiful, organized garden is to through square foot gardening.  What this entails is building a few simple boxes out of 2 x 6 wooden boards.  The material to create the garden boxes is inexpensive and building the boxes is quite simple. 

First, you will need to decide how big your boxes will be and how many boxes you want to have.  Our square foot garden beds are 4 feet by 4 feet. Simply go to your local home improvement store, ask for the 2 x 6 wooden boards, and have them cut to size.  You can use the 8-foot-long boards and have them cut in half.  You will need two 8 foot boards to create one box.  To divide your boxes into 1 square foot sections, find a thin trim board that can be cut 4 feet in length.  You will need six of these thin trim boards that will crisscross atop your garden bed to create square foot sections (hence, square foot gardening!)  You will also need the appropriate decking nails and a drill to screw the boards together. 

Secondly, head to the lawn and garden section of your home improvement store and pick up a roll of garden weed barrier, which will be cut to size and stapled to the bottom of each garden bed to prevent weeds from entering your new garden beds.  While you are here, pick up your favorite soil and composting material that you will use for planting your seeds. 

Lastly, once you get home, find a flat open space to build your square foot gardening boxes.  Create a perfect square, pre-drill your holes, and then screw the boards together.  Staple your weed fabric to the bottom of each new garden bed.  Then simply add your soil and seeds. 

Sit back, relax, and watch your garden flourish!  We love wrapping up in our cozy warm wool blankets, coffee in-hand while admiring the fresh scents and bounty of that our garden produces.  Our quality black and white checkered blanket from our Farmhouse Collection makes for the perfect wool blanket to put on your garden bench or front porch rocking chairs.