Best Camping Blankets for Fall


Fall is just around the corner! Which means…time to unpack your quality merino wool blanket! Fall is such a beautiful season. The crunchy leaves, the scented candles, and of course, warm coffee on the porch while wrapped up in your cozy wool blanket. We’ve put together our top favorite fall activities in the fall. What are yours?

Porch Movie Nights

We LOVE a good screened in porch! Add some white bistro lights, cinnamon-scented candles, wool blankets, and big cozy pillows…and you’ve got the perfect movie night setting!

Picnics in the Park

We love cooking seasonally. Create a beautiful pumpkin and sage soup, make some crunchy sourdough bread, and hit the trails. Pack up your best camping blanket and find an open space to unwind. Maybe throw in a bottle of red, too :)


Get lost in the pages of a good fiction book. Learn about a thought leader and pick up an inspiring autobiography. Read to your kids. Whatever your preference, just do it. Reading a sweet escape. Light a candle, put on some soothing music, and relax with your favorite wool blanket. 


Fall is a beautiful time to go hiking. The leaves are beautiful, the weather is idyllic, and the fresh air is refreshing. Pack up your camping gear, water, and warm wool blanket. Take in the sights and disconnect from the chaos of everyday life. Choose from our gray camping blanket, green camping blanket, or plaid camping blanket. We offer the best merino wool blankets for the campsite and the living room.

Sleep In!

Easier said than done (we know). But sleep in a bit! Shut your alarm off. Put your phone in the other room, invest in some black-out shades, and open your windows to bring some fresh air into the room. Living in the country is such a peaceful way to wake up. Put an additional layer on the bed with one of our high-quality wool blankets and snooze the morning away. Sleep is so important. 

How do you like to make the most of the beautiful fall season?