Be Prepared on Your Next Fishing Trip

A fishing trip with friends or family can make for an enjoyable experience for all.  When you are out on the lake, the weather can take a turn for the worse pretty quickly.  It’s essential that when you are out on the water that you are prepared for these types of situations by having the right basic equipment for the rain and potentially the cold weather.  Aside from the life vests, here is a list of our top 3 items we make sure to have with us for every boat ride. 

Rain Gear: When the rain starts coming down be sure to have rain gear for everyone.  Nothing is more miserable than when you are cold and wet. Raincoats paired with rain pants and boots will help protect you from the nastiest of rain storms.    

Flares:  Flares are important items for boating safety.  Use these only when there is an emergency and you can’t get a hold of anyone via your phone or CB radio.  Shoot off a flare and let everyone know you are trouble.  

Wool Blankets: High-quality wool blankets are essential for every boating outing.  When the sunsets and the cool wind starts to blow, you’ll be happy you had large, warm wool blankets that you can wrap up in from head to toe.  Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company blankets are a whopping sixty-six inches by ninety inches or pure warmth and comfort.  Wool blankets will help protect you from the elements. 

There are many other safety items that you should have on board with you at all times.  One important word of advice is to always let someone know where you will be on the water and approximately what time you plan on being back on shore.