Add a Touch of Texture to Your Home Decor

Adding texture to your home décor is a beautiful way to enhance warmth and dimension to any space. As admirers of old homes and the classic farmhouse style of interior design, we can’t get enough of shiplap, stone, brick, barn doors, textile, and reclaimed wood. We love when a room tells a good story. Whether your style is soft and subtle or bold and bright, there are plenty of ways to invoke old and new finishing touches into your space. From antique store finds, to vintage family heirlooms, to DIY… the options are endless.

Below are our Top 5 Design Ways to add texture to your country home décor.

Linen-Covered Books

Linen-covered books are a lovely way to accessorize a room. One of our favorite things to do is wander around a local used book store and pick up old hard-cover books of all shapes and sizes.  Wrapping the book in various colors of linen (we prefer tans and creams), and placing on bookshelves or tables can serve as an elegant way to add color and dimension. They are also fitting for holding candles.

Wool Blanket

We’re partial to this one! Wool is an incredibly dynamic and versatile textile. Incorporating different color combinations and patterns is an easy way to spruce up any room.

Earth tones like our brown and cream striped wool blanket give a perfect rustic vibe. Looking for a classic farmhouse look? Add our black and white checkered wool blanket into your space. Your guests will love it! If you're partial to muted tones, then we suggest going with our teal and cream plaid wool blanket.

Try using a wool blanket as an extra layer on the bed or as an oversized throw. Often, the trick is to figure out how to display them. Placing it on the back of your couch, arranging in a basket, or utilizing a display ladder are traditional ways to incorporate wool and other elements into your space. Our favorite part of picking out the perfect wool blanket is keeping an eye on the detail. Fiber content count, color patterns, edging, fringe, and yarn whipstitch finishes are all true testaments of the art and design that goes into curating a timeless textile piece. 


Adding greenery brings an organic feel to any room. Situating fresh herbs and succulents on the kitchen windowsill or setting out moss-filled jars and vases of cotton stems in the living room are sure to evoke simplicity and freshness. Fresh magnolias or soft colored roses in the guest room add a welcoming touch. There is no right or wrong way to incorporate greenery into the home. Have fun with it!


Candles appeal to a variety of senses. We prefer mismatched, hand-poured soy-based candles with wooden wicks. Wooden wicks have a crackling sound reminiscent of a wood burning fireplace. Candlelight introduces a sense of quiet and solitude, which is perfect for the end of a long day. Although we tend to go with unscented or vanilla during the year, we always stock up with cinnamon scented candles during the Christmas season. From the bedroom to the bathroom, you can incorporate candles in any room of the house.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood tells a story. Wood is a beautiful way to add dimension and warmth to your rooms. Our personal favorite home décor piece is a handmade reclaimed wood coffee table. We had the coordinates of a special place in Italy faintly spray painted on the top, which adds a subtle, worldly finish. Paired with a fun shag rug, this coffee table has become the centerpiece of our living room. Other ways to incorporate reclaimed wood are by using barn doors, chandeliers, DIY wine glass holders, and DIY boot trays. 

Whether you're a fan of farmhouse, boho, French-inspired, industrial, primitive, modern, or traditional styles of decor, a mix of charming details and relaxed finishes can do so much for a home.