A Log Cabin Weekend in Northern New Hampshire

Looking to spend a weekend in a log cabin in the North Country?  A journey to northern New Hampshire will provide you with ample opportunity for hiking, site seeing, bird watching, and if you head there during the Fall, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful foliage.  With lakes, mountains and rivers abound, you may even spot a moose or two.  There are many quaint mountain towns with excellent food and places to shop.  Before showing up to your quaint little cabin in the woods, be prepared to put your technology away, slip into a relaxed state of mind, and bring the following items: 

Binoculars:  When nestled deep into the North Country, it’s inevitable that you will come across many different creatures playing in the woods.  Birds, rabbits, squirrels, moose, and deer will be frolicking about.  Bring a good pair of binoculars to take in all the action and beautiful views.  

Wool Blanket:  A warm wool blanket is a perfect item to have at the cabin.  A wool cabin blanket can keep you warm and cozy at night and is also great to snuggle up with while having your morning coffee on the porch.  If you decide to venture off into the woods or the mountains for a day hike, a high quality wool blanket can be rolled up and brought with you.  You’ll have a soft wool blanket to lay down on for an afternoon siesta or picnic or wrap yourself up in once you get to the summit.  Back at the cabin, when the sun sets and stars come out, Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company wool blankets are great to lounge with while watching the stars shine above. 

A Good Book:  At the log cabin, you should have plenty of time to kick up your heels,  listen to the birds' chirp, and read a good book that you just couldn’t find the time to read while living the busy city life.  Now is the time to bring your favorite book or two and indulge.