6 Things You Need for Fall Camping

Fall is the most beautiful time of the year. The sights and sounds evoke a sense of warmth and comfort for the hibernation ahead. As avid hikers and campers, we have put together our top favorite items needed for fall camping.

Wool Blanket

As a wool blanket company, we have to put this one at the top! Having a good wool blanket is important. Not only to use as an emergency blanket but to keep hand when the temperatures turn. Wool has the unique ability to temperature regulate. Merino wool provides a soft, yet dense weave—making it the best camp blanket. Choose from our camping blankets. We offer a gray wool blanket, green wool blanket, tan wool blanket, and navy blue wool blanket. We also offer wholesale wool blankets and a unique corporate gift idea with corporate gift blankets.

Sleeping Pad

This is ideal not only for comfort but for also providing a layer of insulation from the cool ground below. Make sure to keep patches handy…you never know when a leak may happen and there’s nothing worse than waking up on a deflated sleeping pad.


The weather can turn on an instant. Investing in quality hiking and camping gear is essential. This includes long underwear, pants, shirts, gloves, hats, socks, and boots. Think ahead and plan early.

Supportive Backpack

Investing in quality hiking gear is important. Having a supporting backpack that will fit all of your gear and fit you properly is important for safety and comfort. Don’t forget your raingear, too! 


There is often no wireless signal in the woods. Be smart and pack a map. Tell someone where you are going. Carry and whistle and bear spray. You may need it most when you least expect it.


Always carry a lantern, a headlight, and fireproof matches. Light and warmth is important in the wilderness.

Fall camping is so much fun! Find new places to explore and always take your trash with you. 

Happy Camping!