5 Tips to Pack a Backpack Properly

Wilderness backpacking is exhilarating. There’s something about being one with nature, living off the land, and exploring the backcountry that puts your place in the world into perspective. Fresh air is so good for the soul. Carving out time to get outside and explore is important for self-care. Hiking can be an excellent balance between exercise and relaxation. We’ve put together some tips on packing your wilderness backpack and outdoor gear effectively and easily.


Don’t pack as you go. Instead, lay out all the items that you intend to bring with you and then strategically pack from there. This also helps if you accidentally forget to pack something. Lay out your outdoor gear, clothing, hiking boots, wool camping blanket, matches, and fuel.

Pack the largest items in first

Always be sure that weight is evenly distributed and centered. Consider packing the items that you will use last (for example, when you set up camp at the end of the day).

Avoid leaks. If you intend to pack spare water bottles for the campsite, be sure that these are packed at the base of your pack. This prevents water leaks dampening all of your other items.

Pack Essentials

Rain gear, wool socks, base layers, and a condensed down jacket are the key pieces we pack in for every backcountry expedition. This isn’t a fashion show. Pack smart and effectively.

Emergency and survival items should have quick and easy access

This includes first aid kits, knife, emergency blanket etc.

Use Carabiners

These are great for attaching lighter items to the back of your pack. Use loops to secure your wool blanket, hiking poles, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags.

By the time you reach the summit or your final campsite, you’ll be able to quickly unpack, set up camp, and wrap up with your wool blanket for a night of stargazing and relaxing. As a wool blanket company, we never leave home without our green wool blanket and our gray wool blanket. They help cut the chill and make for a restful night sleep.