5 Beginner Camping Mistakes to Avoid

 We’ve all started somewhere. Whether your first camping trip was a disaster or a memory maker, it’s the experience that matters. With a little education and advanced planning, you can be sure your next camping trip goes without a hitch. And although we can’t always control the weather, we can control our attitude and preparation. We’ve put together our top beginning camping mistakes to avoid.

  1. Try out the gear

This may seem like a given, but be sure your gear is in working order. Investing in quality camping gear will save you money in the long run and provide peace of mind that you are prepared. A good tent, a high quality wool blanket, warm layers, and adequate food and water are just the beginning steps to planning out a camping adventure. 

  1. Research your location

If you’re setting off for a destination unknown, be sure to do your research ahead of time. Where will you camp? Are there facilities nearby? What types of animals and insects live in that environment? What will the weather be? Although we love a good “no agenda adventure”, don’t go on the trip blindly.

  1. Don’t arrive late

Although it can happen, it’s best to avoid arriving late to a campsite. Not only can this be disturbing to the wildlife and fellow campers, but it can also potentially be unsafe. By not knowing your surroundings, it will make setting up camp in the dark that much more difficult. 

  1. Staying warm

As a wool blanket company, we must spread the importance of staying warm and packing enough layers and blankets. A quality wool blanket is essential. Pick from our top-rated camp blankets and bring with you an extra layer at in the tent. Camping with a group? Then ask about our wholesale wool blankets.  A good camp blanket can make all the difference.

  1. Leaving food out

Regardless if you are in the backcountry or a populated campsite, animals are out there and they will come looking for food. Be respectful of the environment and pack food away or put in a bear locker. It’s never fun waking up to an animal rummaging through your campsite in the middle of the night….

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Camping is a wonderful adventure. The more you experience camping, the better prepared and well versed you will be. Enjoy the adventure.