4 Tips for Camping in the Rain

Although not always ideal, getting rained out on a camping trip or hiking adventure can sometimes happen. Don’t let a little rain damper your experience! It’s important that you always plan accordingly and pack for the worst. It’s better to have the gear than to run into a situation where you didn’t pack enough. In addition to packing your standard camping tent, camp blanket (wool blanket), lantern, and sleeping bag be sure to always pack a tarp and foldable rain gear. You’ll be glad you did.


When in doubt, always look for areas with higher elevation. Valleys are usually wet and damp, which can be an invitation for mosquitos and an uncomfortable night of sleep. Remember…”High and Dry”. 


Tarps are must-haves. Not only are they lightweight and easy to pack, but they serve as a makeshift cover and picnic blanket. Don’t leave home without one. You can usually find one at your local hardware store and they are inexpensive.

Garbage Bags

These are great for packing your backpack items in and then putting into your pack. Garbage bags serve as an extra type of rain protection for your valuables and can double as rain gear if you need to get creative.


It’s important to pack and wear layers and invest in outdoor clothing that is protective.  No matter the weather, we always pack our compactable down jackets, rain gear, wool socks, and warm wool blankets. The weather can turn on an instant and it’s better to be safe than sorry! As a wool blanket company, we see the value and impact that merino wool has in camping and outdoor gear. A merino wool blanket is both insulating and can adjust with one’s body temperatures. A good camp blanket not only services as a picnic blanket, but it’s an excellent additional layer in the tent! At 66 inches by 90 inches, there’s enough for two under there! Get yourself proper layers and the best camping blanket today.