3 Reasons to Take a Cross-Country Road Trip This Year

Fresh Air and Freedom

Grab your best friend or friends and plan an epic cross-country road trip this summer.  Before hitting the open road, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is in excellent shape.  Spend a few bucks getting an oil change, tire rotation, and having the vehicle inspected for any looming unforeseen issues.  Once you hit the road, there is no looking back.  Pack lightly, but ensure you have the appropriate gear that suits your needs for the adventures you plan on having.  Set up a loose travel itinerary but allow yourself flexibility in your plans so that if you are enjoying one location or experience, you can just live in the moment and not have to worry about your plans being thrown out of whack.  Warm wool blankets are a must for every road trip during any season. Be prepared for a day when you don’t quite make it to your next campsite and you must sleep in your vehicle!  Fresh air and freedom are abounding as wanderlust sets in and an amazing experience is set in motion.


Camping on a road trip is a must.  Whether you find yourself at the beach or in the mountains, having a lightweight camping tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, and heavy wool camp blanket will allow you to be comfortable no matter where you decide to set up shop.  Be prepared that most National Parks will have campsites that need to be booked months in advance, especially the more popular parks like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Great Smoky Mountain to name a few.  These national parks do have first come first serve campgrounds, however, you will need to be at the campsite bright and early to obtain a spot.  Once you’re at your campsite, kick up your heels, read a book, have a campfire, share stories, and gaze at the stars

Friendships and Experiences

Between the long hours in the vehicle, sharing stories around a campfire, and experiencing the beauty and natural wonders as you make your way across the country, you will find yourself building strong relationships and memories with your friends who made the journey with you.  Along the way, you are sure to meet new friends as well.